Since the moment that we touch the water our life changed so much, the freedom the warm water the waves, the reefs the wind blowing onto our face, made us get this inspiration to create the best performance, quality and to connect with Paddle boarding, kayak and surf community i- Starting in the Riviera Maya and expanding to Mexico, U.S.A, and Central America Suprmx, is considered as one of the top brands for quality services and products related to the beauifl ocea. 

Come and join the community of Suprbmx.


No matter the season of the year, it adapts to the conditions of the sea, lake or lagoon.

This will take you with your pet or a small family passenger to that island or beach. Or if you dare for 2 boards, you take your girl or boy to that exotic place and you can even carry a cooler (ask for the accessory)